Kitesurf School

Kitesurf Basic Training Package

We have a 6 hour basic training package for kitesurfing. We usually divide these 6 hours into 2 or 3 times, not all at once. We communicate according to the wind conditions and create a special program for you. We usually let you know 2-3 days in advance and set a time, and you come to our school in Istanbul, Tırmata Beach, as if you are coming to the beach. We provide all the equipment for kitesurfing. We use Core Kiteboarding materials.

Post Training

Our aim is to teach you the technique of this sport practically at the end of the training and to bring it to a level where you can practice on your own. After the kitesurf basic training package, you can continue by buying your own equipment, renting or taking additional lessons/packages. This process differs from person to person. After the training we do not leave you alone, we provide support.

You don’t need to have any prior knowledge or experience, you just need to love water.


For reservation and detailed information, you can contact us by phone, Whatsapp or e-mail


  • 6 hour basic training package
  • Personal program, one-by-one lessons
  • Core Kiteboarding equipment and wetsuit included
  • At Kilyos Tırmata Beach, Istanbul
  • 50m from the sea, in a fun and professional environment


Is a 6-hour basic training package enough to learn kitesurfing?

The answer to this question varies from person to person. Our professional and experienced team adapts to the learning style of each student. The goal is to continue kitesurfing on your own. The learning process is proportional to the sports you’ve done before and your ability. After learning the technique, the development process depends on how much time you want to devote to practice. As in any sport, you can improve yourself in a short time by practicing regularly.

If you want to continue kitesurfing as a hobby, we recommend you to buy your own equipment. It becomes difficult to improve yourself with rental equipment.

Is it possible to learn kitesurfing in Kilyos?

Yes it’s possible. Although Istanbul is a city popular with its metropolitan life, when you come to the Black Sea coast, you encounter a completely different face: you feel like you have traveled to another city with its fine, powdery sand, deep blue sea and nature.

We teach equipment setup and kite control on land, using the wide shoreline for our kitesurf training. After the kite control is seated, we enter the water. If you learn kitesurfing in Kilyos, you can kitesurf anywhere in the world.

When can I take lessons? When does the season start?

At Surf School Istanbul, the season actually never ends, it continues throughout the year. Our friends, who do kitesurfing as a hobby, come to our school with their own equipment in the winter period and continue to kite. A minimum 5mm thick wetsuit, boots, hood and gloves are required.

Since we want our lessons to be enjoyable, we take a break during the cold period. With the warming of the sea and the air, we start kitesurf lessons. We usually start at the end of April and continue until November.

Lesson times are scheduled according to weather conditions and your free time. After your reservation, Surf School Istanbul will follow the conditions suitable for training and contact you and arrange the lesson time for you.

Where can I buy kitesurf equipment?

Surf Shop Istanbul is the Turkey distributor of Core Kiteboarding and Carved, both German brands known for their superior quality. There are also O’Neill and Vissla wetsuits available.