How can I reach Surf School Istanbul?

You can find our address, phone number and email address on our contact page.

You can reach Tırmata Beach, where our school is located, by car, following the direction of Maslak, and following the signs for Sarıyer – Kilyos, respectively. For those who prefer public transportation, you can get off at the center of Kilyos with the bus number 151 from Hacıosman Metro station and reach Surf School Istanbul after a pleasant 10-minute beachwalk. You can also reach our school with the Sarıyer – Kilyos minibusses departing from Sarıyer center.

Apart from that, starting in June, there is a shuttle service to Tırmata Beach from Hacıosman stop on weekends. You can find out the service hours and fees on the page of Tırmata Beach.

How can I meet my food/drink needs?

There are restaurants suitable for every taste in the Kilyos and Zekeriyaköy regions. Tırmata Beach, where our school is located, has a restaurant and a bar serving world cuisine.

What should I bring with me?

All necessary equipment is provided by Surf School Istanbul. All you need to bring is a towel and sunscreen. If you own a wetsuit, boardshort or rashguard you can of course bring and use them.

Is it possible to take group lessons?

If you want to create a special training package for you or create a custom package package, please call us: 0534 396 40 50

When can I take lessons?

Lesson times are scheduled according to weather conditions and your free time. After your reservation, Surf School Istanbul team will follow the conditions suitable for training and contact you and arrange the most suitable lesson time for you.

Which sport should I start first? Does it make sense to start kitesurfing or surfing or surfskating?

Technically, there is no ranking. Kitesurfing and surfing are independent sports. If you learn kitesurfing first, you will learn how to surf more easily. Learning Surfskate positively affects your wave riding, allowing you to continue training on land on no-wave-days.